Live Printmaking at Breakin the Law 3: Hong Kong

In just a few short weeks, I'll be traveling to Hong Kong, the Philippines and Japan to do some international printmaking work! But the main event will be at Breakin' the Law 3: Hong Kong. I'll be helping the Hong Kong B-girls and B-Boys print some of their original work, as well as distribute some new original designs of my own!

Very excited to go back to Japan as well to see my family and friends there. I have some video work I'll be projecting guerrilla style!

Hopefully I can make some fresh new connections for GrapevineINK while I'm there! Missing all my collaborators in the crew, but we'll be meeting up soon enough!

Word up,

Beyond Printmaking: Psila vs Queen Gidrea

GrapevineINK members and public artists Elena Stojanova and Chanel Matsunami Govreau's collaborative piece Godpsila vs Queen Gidrea will be exhibited at Beyond Printmaking III, at Texas Tech University in February 2012. The piece is a wheatpaste performance installation. They will be showing a video version of the work.

This is what we do...collaborate, make, distribute!

Momma's Hip Hop Kitchen Vol. 5

Check this out friends!
This is on the radar for GrapevineINK in New York!
We're working on a dope collaborative project to submit for this event involving printmaking, community, outreach and education. HIP HOP edition! So many of us in the crew are hip-hop related artists, so let's take it there!

Keep you updated!