Print/Book Fairs in NY

Hey Ladies and all the followers of the blog!

Finally to catch up! I wanted to write sooner, but these past months were very eventful for me personally, I hardly set in front of my comp. Also a lot was happening in the print-making world in NY.. ;-) ...things slowed pace lately and here I am!
This weekend in New York, there are 3 Print and Book Fairs that I'm pretty excited about.
Thursday was the opening day for the IFPDA Print Fair at the Park Avenue Armory. It totally worth running on the rain to see the show! One could find prints from Durer to contemporary artists.. and it really makes a difference to see them in person, than from a reproduction. If you are interested there is a list of all the print-shops/ galleries on the website

Yesterday I visited the book fair at PS1. Overwhelming ! Everything from small print editions, silk-screened art books, activist DIY zines, and much moreee .... I was in printmaker's wonderland :-) Check out the show, or the individual publishers are on the site

Today I'm going to the Ex-Dia space in Chelsea, where the Editions/Artists' Books fair is taking place. I am expecting it to be nothing less than the previous ones... Here is the info

That's all for now! Running for the train...!
Catch up with you pretty soon!