GrapevineINK/Harlem Textile Works Re/Union

I was back in NYC for the weekend! This past Sunday at Harlem Textile Works, myself and GrapevineINK members (and fellow HTW teaching artists) Elena and Shani met up with our interns Denzell, Giselle and John for a day to catch up in the studio. My old friend Ged Palmer, a graphic designer and typographer from Bristol also stopped by.

After I took this picture of my old stack of screenprint inks, I show it to Giselle and she says, "It looks like you!" Indeed, a self portrait of sorts.

Ged showing Denzell some new Illustrator tricks.. "Chanel! Why didn't you show me pathfinder!!" Also schoolin' from one Jedi to another (we call Denzell our Harlem Jedi) about some serious typography. It was my secret ambition for these two young men to meet o(^-^)o
Definitely check out his work at It was a pleasure Ged, thank you for stopping by!

Off Denzell's Sketch pad. Look deep, he constructed an entirely new alphabet/language.

Denzell's [monkey] 'King of Abels'. Can I get this printed on some gear please?

All about teamwork. Denzell helping Giselle out with her screen.

Queen Giselle getting busy in the inks. Now that I moved, she's takin' over the excessive use of hot pink that we all need in our lives. HTW (and I) thank you Giselle!

Fierce. Look at that face- John's designs here are getting some added color and sparkle on Illustrator. He's getting prepared for Design school applications.

OOOooh, check out these colors! Lookin' hot. Mmmmen's Wear!

Elena and I reunited!

Fam Fam FAM for life! Shani and I are birthday twins which explains a lot about how we became friends so fast. Virgo artists down to the last drop.

I'm so thankful that I have this community in my life. Combining community, arts, education, taking charge of what we need in our lives to keep making our work and ourselves.