What is up Grapevine!?!?!

This weekend I received Sharita's package of our collaborative print and it gave me the push to go ahead and dig up my password to this account so I can finally get to posting! Thanks so much for sending it Sharita and for having the fantastic idea to begin with!!

SO... I have wanted to share soooo many things with the Grapevine community over the last few months, I'm just going to try catching up with a few now...

WHAT I'VE BEEN UP TO- In September and October enacted a new performance project that is oh so very grapevine in theme and form: community involvement, community uplift, and printmaking in the form of custom silkscreened sandwich boards! Fellow Grapeviner Elena Sto was an awesome project volunteer- love that collective support! I'm hoping to bring this project back next September on a bigger scale and I'll need even more collective support then, hopefully a few from the group will be in and around NYC then... In the mean time please check out the details of the project at

FILM RECOMMENDATION- I saw this a few weeks back and thought of the printmaking crew...

I highly recommend it! It's well shot, informative, and oddly inspiring as a printmaker.

READING RECOMENDATION- As I've discussed with a few of you ladies I'm researching for a forthcoming video project on the intersections of Native American and Black Americans in the U.S. I came across a dope essay by a dope young writer named Wendy Walters along the way and thought of the group again. It's discussion of identity, gender, representation, and performance is right up the Grapevine alley. Check Wendy and her essay (“After the Death of the Last: Performance as History in Monique Mojica’s Princess Pocahontas and the Blue Spots”) out!

Crossing Waters, Crossing Worlds

Finally, this is really a repost.... Chanel shared this with my on facebook, and I enjoyed it thoroughly... and again, it is oh-so-Grapevine! it's very own way...


GrapevineINK/Harlem Textile Works Re/Union

I was back in NYC for the weekend! This past Sunday at Harlem Textile Works, myself and GrapevineINK members (and fellow HTW teaching artists) Elena and Shani met up with our interns Denzell, Giselle and John for a day to catch up in the studio. My old friend Ged Palmer, a graphic designer and typographer from Bristol also stopped by.

After I took this picture of my old stack of screenprint inks, I show it to Giselle and she says, "It looks like you!" Indeed, a self portrait of sorts.

Ged showing Denzell some new Illustrator tricks.. "Chanel! Why didn't you show me pathfinder!!" Also schoolin' from one Jedi to another (we call Denzell our Harlem Jedi) about some serious typography. It was my secret ambition for these two young men to meet o(^-^)o
Definitely check out his work at It was a pleasure Ged, thank you for stopping by!

Off Denzell's Sketch pad. Look deep, he constructed an entirely new alphabet/language.

Denzell's [monkey] 'King of Abels'. Can I get this printed on some gear please?

All about teamwork. Denzell helping Giselle out with her screen.

Queen Giselle getting busy in the inks. Now that I moved, she's takin' over the excessive use of hot pink that we all need in our lives. HTW (and I) thank you Giselle!

Fierce. Look at that face- John's designs here are getting some added color and sparkle on Illustrator. He's getting prepared for Design school applications.

OOOooh, check out these colors! Lookin' hot. Mmmmen's Wear!

Elena and I reunited!

Fam Fam FAM for life! Shani and I are birthday twins which explains a lot about how we became friends so fast. Virgo artists down to the last drop.

I'm so thankful that I have this community in my life. Combining community, arts, education, taking charge of what we need in our lives to keep making our work and ourselves.


Upcoming Show: Hot Harvest

Hello again!

A dear friend and fellow women printmakers are curating a show in NY. I'm def checking it out, and if you are in the area- you should too! ;-) Here's the info
HOT HARVEST: The Gowanus Studio Space 2010 Printmaking Fellows and Friends
Opening Reception Friday, November 12th 7pm-11pm

The Gowanus Studio Space is pleased to announce a group exhibition curated by its three 2010 printmaking fellows: Johee Kim, Rachel Ostrow and Maggie Wright.


Please join us at the reception on Friday, November 12th from 7pm-11pm.
DJ POLKADOT spins that old-time country vinyl. DJ CHEWROCKS later, when the night gets dancey.
E FOR EFFORT tees by Beka Goedde and Rachel Ostrow for sale!
FREE Kiss prints by Angela Conant

While the three residents have each had extensive professional printmaking experience in New York City printshops, their show focuses instead on the self-made print, culling from a wide variety of technique, including etching, lithography, woodcut and silkscreen. Traditional uses of the medium are abundant, but several prints blur the boundaries of the expected. Inked-up Reeses Peanut Butter cup wrappers, stamped balloons and faxed pages (edition numbered by their times through the machine) prove a dedication to the idea of printmaking without the use of a press or drawn matrix. Other prints are manipulated by additional media: pencil, collage, hand-coloring; media is also manipulated by printed matter. There are experimental uses of common printmaking effects - careful cut-outs of chine collĂ©, collages of rainbow rolls – and plates which have been cut out, sandblasted, and etched with the impression of fresh pie.

A common thematic thread was not intentional at the outset, but as the curators selected work for the show certain themes became evident. The natural world provides a strong current, with nods to folk art and the mystical. Several animals and plants make appearances, as do depictions and abstractions of the natural and man-made landscape. In contrast, many works, often saturated with color, demonstrate a geometric precision in line and detail. Humor and wit is apparent and important – the exhibition does not intend to provide a serious analysis of recent DIY printmaking. Alternatively, it strives to offer an inclusive, light-hearted view of the variety of approaches and experimentation possible within the constructs of the medium. It is a harvest of many fruits united by the same tree.


The Gowanus Studo Space is a non-profit organization and a sponsored project of New York Foundation for the Arts, providing equipment, exhibition opportunities, and space to work for the artists and designers of New York City. To learn more about our space and mission, please visit
The Gowanus Studio Space
166 7th Street, Ground Floor
Brooklyn, NY, 11215


Print/Book Fairs in NY

Hey Ladies and all the followers of the blog!

Finally to catch up! I wanted to write sooner, but these past months were very eventful for me personally, I hardly set in front of my comp. Also a lot was happening in the print-making world in NY.. ;-) ...things slowed pace lately and here I am!
This weekend in New York, there are 3 Print and Book Fairs that I'm pretty excited about.
Thursday was the opening day for the IFPDA Print Fair at the Park Avenue Armory. It totally worth running on the rain to see the show! One could find prints from Durer to contemporary artists.. and it really makes a difference to see them in person, than from a reproduction. If you are interested there is a list of all the print-shops/ galleries on the website

Yesterday I visited the book fair at PS1. Overwhelming ! Everything from small print editions, silk-screened art books, activist DIY zines, and much moreee .... I was in printmaker's wonderland :-) Check out the show, or the individual publishers are on the site

Today I'm going to the Ex-Dia space in Chelsea, where the Editions/Artists' Books fair is taking place. I am expecting it to be nothing less than the previous ones... Here is the info

That's all for now! Running for the train...!
Catch up with you pretty soon!