GrapevineINK Summer 2010 Throwdown!

DOLLS by Sharita Towne
with collaborations with Ellen Carranza, Fumiko Toda, Chanel Matunami Govreau,
Tyanna Buie, Elena Stojanova, Shani Peters

This past June 2010 members of GrapevineINK came together for their first ever studio collaboration hosted by Harlem Textile Works in New York, NY.
Give it up for these ladies- we truly came together and made this happen for ourselves!

Participating Members include...

Sharita Towne
Shani Peters
Tyanna Buie
Ellen Carranza
Fumiko Toda
Elena Stojanova
Chanel Matsunami Govreau

We chose the theme of ‘Dolls’ as a way to open up an artists’ discussion about our childhood experiences, cultural backgrounds, how we are viewed in society, and how we view ourselves. A simple theme to give us ground for sharing stories and creating work.

We started off with a discussion on our first day exploring our relationships and experiences with dolls and their presence in contemporary art.
Among the questions discussed-
What kind of dolls did we play with/not play with as children? What were the relationships you formed with these toys- mother, creator, puppeteer, lover? How did they affect our identity development? Who is represented and who is missing from the spectrum of dolls?

Studio Collaboration

Chanel and Sharita Printing

Ellen Printing birds/overlapping Tyanna's Busted Barbie Jeeps!

Large Textile Collaboration: Elena's background, Chanel's ranger, HTW intern Giselle's Heart

Shani working on her edition of "Reprogram" paper dolls featuring Florida Evans and Claire Huxtable.

Shani's Paper Dolls Complete!

The next two days we worked together in studio using screenprinting to create a large
textile collaboration piece, several smaller textile pieces, individual works and our collaborative print edition. We documented the collaboration and process with video interviews to be later edited into a short documentary. Sharing studio space and artistic process/technique, we were gettin' close, comfy and messy in the best way possible.

Portfolio Critique

Tyanna showing her portfolio

We do dessert with our critiques...

We finished our mini conference with a trip to the Lower East Side Print Shop where GrapevineINK member Shani Peters currently has a Key Holder Residency. Before
heading to LES Print Shop we chilled out and had lunch (and dessert) while sharing our
art portfolios, and giving critique and feedback. This was a rare opportunity to receive genuine support, dialogue and interest about our work and struggle and artists from oppressed and international backgrounds.

Studio Visit to LES Printshop

Hella Screenprint supplies at the LES Printshop

Yes indeed. That exposure unit is deliciously HUGE!

After lunch we went and checked out the LES Printshop. We might have been the loudest group in there for years. BOOM, BUST, CRACK, SLAM. YES!
How can you not be excited with this abundance of clean as a whistle equipment? However we all agreed they could of used some jams and color. Tyanna goes, "Yes, one day this will ALL be ours."

Shani Peters Artist Talk

Battle for the Hearts and Minds artist book by Shani Peters

sexy sexy transparencies

Shani shared her current work with us. Projects completed, in process and forthcoming.
We all dug in with careful fingers opening her edition of Dubois vs Garvey artist books entitled
Battle for the Hearts and Minds. Dope.

An incredible week of collaboration and discussion this is only the beginning.