Let's do our research!

Hello Grapevine Community! I'm Shani, this is my first actual post to the Grapevine Blog. You can see what kinds of things I'm into at The more I talk to Chanel the more excited I am about this Grapevine project. It's just a good idea, plain and simple, and I for one am down to make it work.

To piggy back on her last post, printing with Juan Sanchez and Chanel the other night was definitely a positive learning experience. He offers so much wisdom, made all the better via a kind and gracious character.
In the course of the nights conversation Sanchez mentioned several collectives/workshops that you've probably all heard about and may have even visited or worked at. Still, as we embark on this new experiment printing, it will be wise for us to go back and research existing organization for successes, failures, and lessons learned. Here are a few links:

Robert Blackburn Workshop-

Please, add more links to orgs your interested in the comments section- we can build our own web resource library...


Chanel Matsunami Govreau said...

Check this out!