Welcome to Grapevine Ink!

This blog is the beginning of an International Women in Printmaking Collective, discussing intersecting identities within art practice, theory, community and education.

I started this blog in order for us all to start interacting with each other and share our opinions, ideas and work.

Originally I wanted this group to be a Women of Color Printmaking Collective-
However, while the term “person of color” is widely used in
the United States, it may be perceived differently in other countries.

How do we define our collective?

I feel as though the group should not be as broad as just ‘international,’
or just ‘women in printmaking’-that would be diluted, too broad, and boring.
I want this to be a powerful collective of women, critically addressing
experiences and struggle as artists outside of the white dominated
and male dominated printmakers world.

Please introduce yourself with your post and put up thoughts, input, ideas, etc!